Who we are

MST LLC has been established in 2004 in Baku, Azerbaijan. It's Azerbaijan entity with 100% of local staff.

The main focus of the company is Industrial, Electrical, Hydraulic supply and service in the region. Our main aim is to provide our customers with high standard of service and top quality products at competitive price. We offer “All In One” solution: electrical, mechanical, tools, test, IT, health and safety equipment, soldering, welding, hydraulics and many more products to fulfill your requisition.

We are pleased to offer you our extensive product range of:

·          Electrical, Electronic and Industrial components, Electrical, Hydraulic and Industrial equipment for hazardous areas, Tools, Maintenance, Mechanical

·          Motors, Security Seals ,Health and Safety ,Rotating Equipment ,Test Equipment ,Office and IT

·          Painting and Blasting equipment , Gaskets ,Fasteners ,Valves ,Instrumentation ,General ,Trading

Through our distribution network and our commitment to excellence, you can be sure that we provide you with the very best service, wherever you are.

Quality products, Worldwide delivery, Unbeatable service

MST can provide you with all you need from one supplier. Our unrivalled product range and unbeatable freight facility is supported by exceptional service levels. You can be confident that MST can provide your business with the products you need wherever and whenever you need them.

The biggest brands - The widest choice

Over the years we have built our product range from the world's best known manufacturers, so you can trust MST to bring you high quality products you can rely on.

Fast and easy ordering

Once you have made your selection, ordering with MST is easy. You can request a quote email or online and confirm your order simply by replying. You can rely on MST to acknowledge your order quickly to meet your requirements.

Finding product is easy

Even with such a huge selection of products, it's easy to find the products you need fast by using the RS Catalogue, CD-ROM or RS Online. The advanced search functionality offered by RS On-line together with the traditional printed RS Catalogue and the extended range RS CD-ROM Catalogue provide powerful ways to find the products and information you need.